Accessible Indigenous language education. Launched first language course for Cherokee Nation June 2018.

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90% of people speak just 5% of the world’s languages; and yet, Indigenous languages hold an incredibly vast amount of knowledge about medicine, plants, and the world around us that we would never know otherwise. Additionally, Indigenous and creolized languages [from Irish, to Navajo, to Ebonics] have also been proven to aid in our physical and mental health; heritage languages help us better work in tandem with the environment, and have the power to improve our educational outcomes. Because of these facts, I have sought to design an immersive e-learning technology for the world’s nearly 7,000 underrepresented languages.


As the cofounder + head of product, I manage our user-experience, user-interface, testing, and launch strategy. Day-to-day, I lead [and also learn from!] my team of [8] engineers, linguists, and designers as we work to build the ultimate language learning experience; my work with them involves mapping both our short-term sprints and long-term development goals. Outside of my product work, I also spend a lot of time sharing BLOOM’s story and mission with the larger community. Watch my TedxOU talk on the power of language here.


Read more about BLOOM’s community and k-12 testing + training here.