Closing one Chapter, Opening Another


Hey friends, 

As you know I recently graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Entrepreneurship (yay! and how new-agey) ~

As most of my Facebook friends know, navigating the entrepreneurship program was less than easy for me both academically and personally. I really value tech, and I also really, really value justice. For a long while, I worried that these two interests could never really meet.

Due to frustrated feelings and a whole lot of other "life" stuff, I decided to take a small hiatus from tech (and my startup Roomswap). That small break turned into a whopping 5 months of decompressing. Woo, does time fly.

I got so many questions from friends and family asking what happened to Roomswap; why I decided to take such a sudden break. All I am going to say is that I had to. I had to grow and re-evaluate my own definition of what it means to live. At the time I felt very stagnant, bored, frustrated, and pretty much every other feeling a founder gets when their company just isn't fitting in their growing life anymore. I was 2.5 years in, and my work with Roomswap no longer felt intentional.

I didn't want to get comfortable with that feeling.

Last December I graduated, ran back to Roomswap (and saved a student a few thousand), applied to over 40 jobs, and somehow managed to enjoy Christmas Break. I continued on with the business plan of another startup called BLOOM (surprise, surprise!) and went through a few very awkward interview processes (post-grad life!). 

I guess what I'm trying to say as subtly as possible is that I am phasing out of Roomswap. No, no, no, I am not just dropping it like a hot potato. Every since awhile, I will still complete a swap for a student. BUT I am no longer a student, and I am no longer the same 19 year old who started this company in her dorm room. I want to grow and try new things. I want to be unafraid of moving forward. Right now I'm really enjoying the new projects, ideas, and fresh feelings that this new chapter of experimentation and entrepreneurship is giving me. And although I'm not announcing too much right now, just know that I have a few things up my sleeve. ;)

I love Roomswap; it's my baby, and it's all I've ever known about entrepreneurship. But that's the thing: I want to know so much more. I hope that as I phase into this next life journey that you'll join me, you'll support me, and maybe even be excited for me (I know I am!). Beginning to turn the page of such a beautiful chapter in my life won't be easy. There are so many powerful memories attached. But like I said: I need to grow. I need to live.

I hope that by me being completely raw about this exciting and uncertain chapter inspires you to feel a little less fear in "going out on a limb". After all, that's how Roomswap started in the first place. And that's really how any exciting journey I've ever known has started too.

To new beginnings. To exciting chapters. Let's kick butt!

~ Carey J. Flack